Margaret Mitchell – Gone with the Wind

Hello to all! As promised, I’m back with one of the classics of English literature, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind.

I started reading this book a few weeks ago, and even though it’s a really long novel, it was worth every minute I’ve spent on it. As a book addict, I used every little free time I could to read a little, including recess, on the bus and during coffee brakes at work. One time, my boss asked what I was reading, and to my response he said laughing: “Ah, a nice romance novel!” Back then, I was pretty much at the beginning of the book and didn’t think much of the comment, but now, I have to say that this book is way more than just a romance novel.

The storyline follows Scarlett O’Hara, a rich plantation owner’s daughter, through the events she has to face during the American Civil War and the Reconstruction era, while she changes from a spoiled sixteen year old into a hard working, but not so honest adult.

What I liked most about the book was that the characters didn’t seem fictional, but rather real live people, each with their own problems and ways of dealing with them. They aren’t representatives of different qualities, as we may find in some novels. Different shades of good and bad are combined in each one, evolving over time,  and that makes them more real and easy to identify with.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the ending. Being a romance novel, I would have expected it to have a happy ending, or at least on optimistic one. On the last pages I kept waiting for things to resolve, but found out to my surprise that they didn’t. And actually, I have to admit that this made the story even more realistic. Although my mom said that the ending was supposed to let the reader decide what comes next, I kinda had the feeling that Scarlett, for the first time, won’t succeed with her plans. And if I think more about it, I have to say that this was the perfect ending, because, knowing Scarlett, I couldn’t imagine her life as a peaceful, happy existence. I consider her a fighter, who only feels in her element if she has something to fight for. In the beginning for Ashley’s love, than for Tara, and now, for Rhett.

The plot itself is captivating, never boring and the reader can feel like he/she is a part of that world even from page one. It’s a story of will, of love and courage to stand up to the world and fight for what is most important. I consider it worth reading by anyone, and now that I’ve finished it, I miss the little world it contains. But I’m sure that sometime in the future I will pick it up again 🙂

I found out from Wikipedia, that Gone with the Wind actually has sequels, but they are not written by Margaret Mitchell. I’m not sure that I will take a look at them, because I consider this story to be a whole and I don’t really want to ruin that. But we’ll see.

If you want to read the book online this is where you can find it: Gone with the Wind

Next time I will talk a bit about Stendhal’s The Red and the Black. Until then, have a nice day/week!


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