To My Brother Miguel in Memoriam by César Vallejo

There are few book-lovers who do not like poetry. Luckily I’m not one of them 😛

I enjoy reading poetry as much as I like novels, especially those that have a more mysterious atmosphere to them or that leave you with a weird kind of feeling you can’t really understand, but adore. So I decided, that along the books I’m going to present, I’ll also be presenting some of the poems I’ve considered to be really great. And here is the first one:

To My Brother Miguel in Memoriam
by César Vallejo

Brother, today I sit on the brick bench outside the house,
where you make a bottomless emptiness.
I remember we used to play at this hour of the day, and mama
would calm us: “There now, boys…”
Now I go hide
as before, from all these evening
prayers, and I hope that you will not find me.
In the parlor, the entrance hall, the corridors.
Later, you hide, and I do not find you.
I remember we made each other cry,
brother, in that game.

Miguel, you hid yourself
one night in August, nearly at daybreak,
but instead of laughing when you hid, you were sad.
And your other heart of those dead afternoons
is tired of looking and not finding you. And now
shadows fall on the soul.

Listen, brother, don’t be too late
coming out. All right? Mama might worry.


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